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Guide to Reclaimed Wood Siding, Paneling, and Accent Walls

Reclaimed Wood and Design

In the world of luxury design, few elements offer the same warmth and historic character of reclaimed wood siding. Architects and designers, inspired by its timeless allure, have turned to this material to craft spaces that echo our shared heritage, adding warmth to modern and contemporary projects. As one of the largest national suppliers, E&K Vintage Wood is an industry leader renowned for its commitment to quality and providing custom solutions. In this post, we take a close look at reclaimed wood siding and paneling, offering expert insights and advice to help guide you in making the perfect choice for your space.

The Allure of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood solutions are more than just a design choice; they’re a statement. It’s about embracing character that only comes with the passage of time and celebrating the unique qualities of each plank. The appeal lies in its ability to bring warmth and a sense of history to spaces. When integrated thoughtfully, it isn’t just a decorative element; it has the ability to tell the story of our connection with the past.

Key Factors for Choosing Reclaimed Wood Solutions

Selecting the Ideal Wood Species:

Choosing the right wood species for siding and paneling is an important first step. E&K Vintage Wood offers an extensive selection of exterior siding, including Weathered Grey Pine barnwood and richly textured Rough Face Oak or Douglas Fir. We offer a range of species that are perfect for interior reclaimed wood paneling and walls including Planed Oak, Redwood, and Pine. Each species boasts a unique grain pattern, allowing you to tailor your choice to match your desired aesthetic.

Exploring Finishes and Treatments:

The finishes and treatments applied to reclaimed wood solutions significantly influence their appearance and longevity. All of our siding and paneling is available in natural wood tones, and a variety of looks, including custom stains carefully chosen to enhance the natural hues and grains of the wood. We also work with clients to create custom stains, that fit seamlessly with their projects. UV treatments, especially vital for exterior applications, preserve the unique tones of reclaimed wood, helping to safeguard against harsh elements and weather. At E&K, we have one of the finest finishing departments in the nation, creating custom finishes, and ensuring your solutions perfectly complement your design vision.

Installation shot of our San Francisco Product (SD1012)

Design, Installation, and Visual Inspiration:

Personalizing with Design Styles:

Our reclaimed wood offers endless possibilities, from rustic exterior siding to interior paneling and accent walls panels that complement modern materials, forging a harmonious balance between the past and the present. For contemporary designs, planed surfaces present a sleek, refined surface, ideal for achieving a minimalist yet impactful look. Visual cues from this one-of-a-kind material illustrate the transformative power of reclaimed wood, elevating spaces from ordinary to extraordinary.

Wine cellar with the Ojai Custom finish

Installation Techniques:

Working with reclaimed wood solutions doesn’t necessitate using specialized tools or installation techniques and should be handled like new wood. We offer these installation guides and expert support.

Real Stories from Satisfied Clients:

The heart of E&K Vintage Wood lies in the stories of our clients – stories of transformation, of spaces reborn with the touch of history. From elegant homes to commercial spaces, our passion echoes the dedication we invest in every project. Head over to our commercial and residential image galleries to see examples of how reclaimed wood can transform design projects.


Your Journey Starts Here: Connecting with E&K Vintage Wood:

Explore the diverse reclaimed wood siding, paneling, and accent walls, envisioning the potential they hold for your space. We also have a wide selection of reclaimed wood beams and hand hewn beams, reclaimed flooring, and lumber. Our experts are experienced individuals with extensive knowledge that will help transform your ideas into tangible designs. Whether you seek rustic charm or contemporary elegance, E&K Vintage Wood is your trusted source for navigating the rich world of reclaimed wood possibilities.

Embarking on a design journey is both exciting and daunting. We understand the nuances, and our experts are here to address your unique needs.


Considering the number of design choices, reclaimed wood emerges not just as an option but as an experience – an experience of history, craftsmanship, and beauty where each plank brings its own unique story.

More than a design element, reclaimed wood is a testament to your appreciation of heritage and sustainability. It speaks to the craftsmen of early American pioneers and is the ideal material to bring character to interior settings. With one of the finest finishing teams in the nation and a large network of national suppliers, we offer end-to-end reclaimed wood solutions, custom-made to bring your vision to life.

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