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Reclaimed Wood vs New Wood

There is no mistaking reclaimed wood’s distinctive character and charm. It will add depth and richness to your designs as well as a sense of history and a connection with America’s past. Reclaimed wood is incredibly versatile and can be prepared in a variety of ways to add visual interest to your designs and can be the perfect choice when comparing reclaimed wood vs new wood.

Our clients come to us because they are looking for a beautiful addition to their design projects. Our products provide contrast to contemporary building materials and bring a warmth that only aged wood can bring. We work directly with our customers to find the right look for every project, either from our wide range of available surfaces and finishes or by creating new looks with you based on your project’s specifications.

Reclaimed wood is also an eco-friendly option that helps preserve both natural resources and our shared American heritage. By using his product, you are giving new life to a material that might otherwise end its days in a landfill. This is a particularly important consideration for those who are looking to include environmentally conscious materials in their designs. You can learn more about our sustainable products here.

Where Does Reclaimed Wood Come From?

We are incredibly passionate about the beauty and benefits of reclaimed wood. This material is not only a beautiful option for your design projects but also has a rich history and character that new wood simply can’t match. Reclaimed wood has been sourced from old buildings that are no longer in use, often dating back one hundred years or more. We specialize in finding these old structures and also source wood from our large network of suppliers. There are other sources, such as shipping crates and old whiskey barrels and we make it our business to find and provide our customers with the finest and most beautiful products available. Each piece of reclaimed wood has its own distinct story to tell and will bring a sense of history and authenticity to your design projects.

a vintage barn with different types of weathering on different portions of the barn

Physical Differences Between Reclaimed Wood vs New Wood

Reclaimed wood has a number of special characteristics that set it apart from newly harvested wood. One of the most noticeable differences is the texture of the wood. It has a rustic, weathered texture that can’t be replicated with new wood. It also has unique colors and tones that can vary depending on the source of the wood and its exposure to the elements. From warm, honey-colored tones, to cooler, more weathered looks, reclaimed wood offers unique beauty in its natural state, and can also be custom finished to match any project.

This reclaimed floor shows how much more warm Reclaimed Wood vs New Wood looks

History in Every Plank

We carefully inspect each piece of wood to ensure that it is suitable for use in your project. Every piece is distinct, with some boards having cleaner lines and others more rustic. The wood’s source, age, and weathering result in a range of looks, even for the same species. We inspect each piece of reclaimed wood for the highest quality to ensure that your wood is prepped and ready the day it arrives. Working with this material takes expert care and requires special tools and know-how to prepare. We include all of these services in our bid price and have over 15 years of experience sourcing, finishing, and delivering reclaimed wood to clients around the world. You can learn more about our included services here.

Transform Your Space

Reclaimed wood is a beautiful, eco-friendly option for your design projects. It has a unique character and history that new wood simply can’t match. If you’re looking for a way to add depth and richness to your project while also preserving part of America’s storied past, we are always available to speak with you about your next project by using the form below or by phone at (310)-306-6900.

installation image of reclaimed planks and beams in a Los Angeles restaurant called Great White