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Wyndham Reclaimed Wood Paneling (SD1009)

Wyndham Reclaimed Wood Paneling is a unique Mixed Wood product that gives any room a dash of dimensional charm. Boards of various thicknesses and widths are used to construct the panels, resulting in a distinctive and eye-catching design. Our Wyndham paneling is a great option if you want to enhance a room’s overall design or add depth.

Wyndham has a distinctive appearance that can be easily incorporated into a variety of design concepts. For a conventional, modern, or eclectic look, Wyndham will bring warmth and interest to any space.


Species:Mixed Wood
Thickness:1/2″ to 2″
Standard Face Widths:1″ – 3″ or  1″ – 6″
Standard Lengths:2′ to 6′
Milling:Some boards edged, others with original edges. Not all boards straight-lined.
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Spec Sheets

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Reclaimed Pine Siding and Paneling Spec Sheet

spec sheet image

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Siding and Paneling Spec Sheet

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Reclaimed Oak Siding and Paneling Spec Sheet

About Reclaimed Wood Siding

  • All of our paneling can also be used as exterior siding.
  • Primarily sourced from  19th and early 20th century barns.
  • Reclaimed wood provenance can be provided on request.
  • In addition to hand-selecting wood for natural blends, we offer siding and paneling with custom finishes.
  • We have a dedicated finishing department onsite.
  • All of our products can be offered in a variety of widths and thicknesses with various profiles including, shiplap, tongue and groove, straight edge, and custom.
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