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Beautiful home with Del Mar reclaimed siding
Humboldt siding installed at a school (SD1008)
Barn Grey reclaimed Pine Barnwood paneling in great room and on movable wall of luxury home
Del Mar siding on a home in Los Angeles
Reclaimed siding used for a ceiling in this stunning Los Angeles home
Reclaimed wood providing a contrast to modern materials
Reclaimed siding can be used for stairs
Accent wall with reclaimed wood
Wood accenting modern materials
install shot of
Lyon reclaimed Douglas Fir siding installed in Los Angeles home
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Upscale Sustainability on All Sides

Reclaimed Wood Paneling and Siding

Transform interiors and exteriors with beautiful reclaimed wood paneling and siding from our facility in Los Angeles, California. Experience the natural beauty and inviting warmth of vintage wood, expertly crafted to bring your vision to life. With a diverse range of textures, tones, and colors; from weathered gray to contemporary white Oak, to both reclaimed white and red painted Pine barnwood siding. Each piece carries its own captivating story, adding character and history to your spaces.

Barn Grey Reclaimed Wood Paneling (SD1000)
Pine Barnwood Grey (SD1000)

Shades of grey merge with rustic textures in this versatile Pine barn wood siding and paneling.

Normandy reclaimed wood paneling and siding - Oak, Resawn and Wirebrush
Normandy (SD1040)

Crafted of high-quality reclaimed Oak from barnwood siding and joists - Normany's Resawn surface creates a more refined vintage look compared to traditional rustic siding; perfect for minimalist or contemporary styles.

San Francisco Reclaimed Wood Paneling (SD1012)
San Francisco (SD1012)

Natural tones of all white or red and white oak blend with smooth, planed surfaces in our San Francisco product.

Lexington Reclaimed Wood SIding
Lexington (SD1006)

E&K’s Lexington design blends Oak boards reclaimed from from barnwood siding and joists all throughout the country.

Del Mar Wood Paneling and Siding (SD1061)
Del Mar (SD1061)

Bring home a feeling of the sea with Del Mar Grey. Made from locally sourced softwoods, it has the weathered allure of structures exposed to an oceanic climate.

product shot of Huntington Reclaimed Wood Paneling (SD1005)
Huntington (SD1005)

Sanded by hand to give the wood a softer look & feel, Huntington Douglas Fir combines natural brown tones with grain patterns that elicit an old-world, vintage style.

Rushmore Reclaimed Wood Paneling (SD1011)
Rushmore (SD1011)

The multi-hued warm tones of E&K’s classic Rushmore Siding Blend create striking façades for upscale homes, retail locations, and restaurants.

Dayton reclaimed wood paneling and siding (SD1076)
Dayton (SD1076)

Everyday ruggedness defines our Dayton reclaimed pine siding. A beautiful mix of lighter & darker brown tones interplays with the beautiful patterns found in the Pine grain.

Shasta Douglas Fir Siding (SD1066)
Shasta (SD1066)

For those looking to remove the orange-brown coloring from Douglas Fir, we have created Shasta which is Douglas Fir bleached and stained in a medium brown tone.

Product image of Mushroom Wood Siding/Paneling Brown (SD1033)
Mushroom Wood Brown (SD1033)

The planks used to make the reclaimed Mushroom Wood Siding and Paneling are crafted from reclaimed Cedar bins used to grow mushrooms. Rustic style with fantastically contoured and textured surface in natural brown.

Charleston Reclaimed Wood Paneling (SD1078)
Charleston (SD1078)

Charleston Softwood derives its unique texture & color from our selection of boards with a lightly weathered look.

Montere Paneling and Siding
Monterey (SD1071)

Bring the rustic look inside with our Monterey mix. Its soft palette of mist-grey and off-white gives understated style to intimate interior spaces or accent walls.

Nashville Reclaimed Wood Paneling (SD1062)
Nashville (SD1062)

An all-Oak option, Nashville takes its name from its Southern roots; these boards once belonged to vintage horse fences and barnwood from across the South.

Ojai Mixed Species (SD1014)
Ojai (SD1014)

Add all the right touches of warmth with E&K’s Ojai blend. This popular siding combines the original rough face of the barnwood siding and joists reclaimed from vintage barns across the US.

Appalachian Mixed Wood Paneling (SD1020)
Appalachian (SD1020)

The Appalachian consists of hand hewn beam skins milled from vintage beams. This product is one of E&Ks most visually stunning siding blends.

Lassen Reclaimed Wood Paneling (SD1017)
Lassen (SD1017)

Warm tones contrast with lighter planed hues that convey a sense of woodsy serenity in our Lassen product.

Product image of Lyon (SD1067)
Lyon (SD1067)

Our Lyon siding reimagines everything you love about vintage Douglas Fir.

Moonshine Reclaimed Wood Paneling (SD1068)
Moonshine (SD1068)

Silvery grey hues evoke the magic of a moonlit night in this reclaimed Oak siding.

Barn Red Reclaimed Wood Paneling (SD1001)
Red Painted Pine Barnwood (SD1001)

E&K’s ruggedly historical Red Painted Pine Barnwood siding is ideal Americana reclaimed from vintage barnwood siding that in earlier times, were painted red, and with the passing of time have faded in evocative ways.

California Reclaimed Wood Paneling (SD1028)
California (SD1028)

Dominated by locally sourced light-to-medium brown Douglas Fir, our California product combines a variety of reclaimed wood with natural colors from dark to light, including weathered grey exterior and interior barn boards.

Close up of Barn White reclaimed wood paneling and siding (SD1002)
White Painted Pine Barnwood (SD1002)

Live an Americana revival in E&K’s ruggedly historical White Painted Pine Barnwood Siding sourced directly from vintage barnwood siding.

Newport Reclaimed Douglas Fir Wood Paneling (SD1063)
Newport (SD1063)

Our custom grey finish underscores a seemingly infinite variety of monochrome hues—from a whitewash tone to blue-grey to charcoal in a combination of re-sawn and original face Douglas Fir boards.

product image of Wyndham (SD1009)
Wyndham (SD1009)

Created from boards that vary in thickness & width, our Wyndham paneling pops with 3-dimensional allure.

Product image of carmague reclaimed Oak paneling and siding
Camargue (SD1022)

Camargue Hardwood Paneling mixes up a variety of reclaimed vintage woods, such as Beech, Poplar, Elm, Maple, Oak, and more.

product image of Carmel Reclaimed Wood Paneling (SD1065)
Carmel (SD1065)

A splendid choice for wellness spas and other spaces that can benefit from the soothing warmth of lighter brown tones & tan, interspersed with grey accents.

Humboldt Reclaimed California Redwood Siding (SD1008)
Humboldt (SD1008)

Made from reclaimed California Redwood and planed smoothly, the tight grain and dark reddish brown hues put this siding product in a class all of its own.

Americana Reclaimed Wood Paneling (SD1007)
Americana (SD1007)

Surround yourself in warm tones with our versatile Americana product. Made from reclaimed Douglas Fir, these boards range in color from white to orange-brown to more chocolate hues.

Product image of Mushroom Wood Siding/Paneling Grey (SD1031)
Mushroom Wood Grey (SD1031)

Crafted from reclaimed Cedar bins exposed to growing mushrooms over decades. This siding truly stands out in rustic style with fantastically contoured and heavily textured surface with a custom grey finish.

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