Reclaimed Wood Planks and Lumber
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Reclaimed Wood Planks and Lumber
Reclaimed wood lumber

Reclaimed Lumber

Reclaimed Wood Planks and Lumber

Discover the unmatched quality and character of E&K’s reclaimed wood planks and lumber, sourced from historical buildings across the country. Our expert team sources a variety of wood species, fulfilling large orders for any commercial or residential project. Our on-site lumber yard and storage facilities are stocked with vintage wood, and we also source materials from our vast network of suppliers if needed. Contact us at +1 (310) 306-6900 or by email at for inquiries about our current lumber inventory.

Douglas Fir

At E&K, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability by sourcing only the highest quality Reclaimed Douglas Fir from a diverse range of structures along the West Coast.


Reclaimed Oak is among our most popular and beautiful products, sourced from vintage barns, factories, and other historic structures.

Oak Threshing

Oak Threshing Barn Floorboards are a premium product that is unmilled and preserves the original character and legacy of farmers who used them to thresh and winnow the season’s grain harvest.


Redwood Lumber stands out from the rest. Sourced from a variety of historic structures, it is a rare find that boasts unparalleled quality and character.

Mixed Hardwoods

At our reclaimed wood business, we take great pride in preserving and repurposing materials that embody the rich heritage of America’s barns.

Weathered Gray Pine

Experience the weathered beauty of Reclaimed Weathered Grey Pine Lumber.

Rough Sawn Pine

We take pride in offering a range of exceptional reclaimed wood products, including our highly sought-after Pine.