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Andorra Reclaimed Oak Flooring (FL509)

Have history at your footsteps with the rugged, weathered charm of Andorra reclaimed Oak flooring. This Oak flooring product features a unique custom color and combines circular saw marks with an Original Rough Face texture, resulting in a memorable effect with depth and character.

Andorra is finished with a penetrating oil that complements both the Hit or Miss surface and the Original Rough Face of the reclaimed Oak. The vintage look and feel is evocative of an ages worn floor in an old French Villa adding a touch of history to your project. With its unique appearance and sustainability, Andorra reclaimed Oak flooring is an excellent choice to transform your space.


Thickness:5/8″ or 3/4″
Standard Face Widths:3″, 5″, 6 1/2″ , 8 1/2″, Random 3″- 7″ and 5″ – 9″
Standard Lengths:2′ to 8′
Milling:Tongue and Groove, Relief on back, Microbevel
Surface:Original Face, Hit or Miss
Finish:Penetrating Oil
Type:Engineered or Solid
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Spec Sheets

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Reclaimed Oak Hit or Miss Flooring Spec Sheet

About Reclaimed Wood Flooring

  • All flooring products are available in custom widths and lengths based on availability.
  • Varied amounts of knots, nail holes, surface checks, and other character marks. Character marks are filled on Finished Flooring, optional to be filled on Unfinished Flooring.
  • All flooring is available as solid wood or as an engineered product with a 4mm – 6mm wear layer on a plywood substrate.
  • Reclaimed wood flooring is sourced from barns, factories, homes and other old structures and provenance can be provided on request.
  • Our dedicated finishing team will create custom floors that perfectly match the vision of your project.
  • Our reclaimed wood floors may contain saw marks, nail holes, surface checks, and other historic characteristics.
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