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Reclaimed Finished Mixed Hardwoods Flooring

E&K’s Finished Mixed Hardwoods Reclaimed Flooring brings rustic Americana to your feet. Peruse our in-house custom options for vintage Barn Boards brought inspiringly to new life and transformed to beautiful reclaimed wood flooring. Featuring Hit or Miss, Rough Sawn or Parquet surfaces with custom finishes, E&K’s Mixed Hardwood flooring is a truly unique custom reclaimed wood flooring collection.

Photo of stacked planks of Unfinished Reclaimed Mixed Hardwoods Flooring (FL493)
Unfinished (FL493)

Our Unfinished reclaimed Mixed Hardwoods flooring is available in a beautiful blend of different species of reclaimed wood, perfect for creating a unique and striking look in any space. With a wide range of colors and grain types, the possibilities are nearly infinite.

Installation image of Lynchburg Reclaimed Mixed Hardwoods flooring (FL722)
Lynchburg (FL722)

Lynchburg Reclaimed Wood Flooring is created with both Planed and Hit or Miss planks with Wirebrushing to give a lovely depth of textures. Combined with the mix of caramel and toffee tones that are offset with deep blacks, this flooring has a great visual identity.

Product image of Hallowell Reclaimed Mixed Hardwood flooring with Original Rough-Face and Weathered Boards (FL629)
Hallowell (FL629)

Hallowell reclaimed Mixed Hardwood flooring has a subtle blend of grey tones and open-grain texture. From reclaimed barn wood, each plank showcases the Rough Sawn marks of the original milling of these weathered exterior and interior barn boards.

product image of Le Mans Reclaimed Mixed Hardwoods flooring (FL416)
Le Mans (FL416)

Le Mans reclaimed Mixed Hardwood flooring features a bold blend of deep browns crafted from a mixture of Rough Sawn Oak and other assorted Hardwoods giving it a captivating ambiance that complements any setting be it formal or rustic.

Product image of Montenegro reclaimed Mixed Wood Flooring with Rough Sawn surface (FL906)
Montenegro (FL906)

Montenegro reclaimed Mixed Wood Herringbone flooring showcases the vintage charm of reclaimed Rough Sawn Pine with other Mixed Wood. A modern mix of reclaimed planks in an Old-World style, this Herringbone Parquet floor has a rustic style that will transform any space.

Fairbanks (FL701)
Fairbanks (FL701)

The white weathered tones and original rough face surface of Fairbanks reclaimed Mixed Hardwood flooring pairs well with both rustic and contemporary spaces. Crafted of weathered and interior barn boards.