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Reclaimed Finished Douglas Fir Flooring

Explore our custom finishes that recast Douglas Fir Reclaimed Wood Flooring in a variety of colors from cool to warm. This collection of reclaimed wood floors features Douglas Fir, native to and sourced in the Pacific Northwest. Douglas Fir is a classic West Coast species that make this reclaimed wood flooring stand out for authentic look and feel. Contemporary or traditional, rough sawn or smooth planed, there’s a style here that will speak to you.

Reclaimed Unfinished Douglas Fir Flooring (FL490)
Unfinished (FL490)

In its unfinished state, Reclaimed Unfinished Douglas Fir Flooring reveals the age & history of the boards. This flooring option can be Planed for a smoother surface or taken in its Original Rough Face texture.

Product shot of Huntington reclaimed Douglas Fir flooring with original Rough Sawn face (FL333)
Huntington (FL333)

Huntington flooring is sourced on the West Coast and features a clear finish that enhances chocolate to orange-brown coloring & beautiful grain.

Product shot of Alpine Reclaimed Wood Flooring with Planed surface (FL654)
Alpine (FL654)

Alpine flooring is locally sourced and finished w/ a custom white tint which allows the wavy grain patterns to take center stage.

Product shot of Seoul reclaimed Douglas Fir flooring with Planed surface (FL358)
Seoul (FL358)

Seoul flooring is handcrafted from Planed Douglas Fir planks with a captivating blend of white & chestnut brown.

Product image of Preston reclaimed Douglas Fir flooring with Planed surface (FL354)
Preston (FL354)

Preston has a custom off-white finish over light golden undertones with a smoothly Planed surface that combine to give distinctive depth.

Product image of Ontario reclaimed Douglas Fir flooring (FL688)
Ontario (FL688)

Rich browns and greys this flooring made with reclaimed lumber with a hand-sanded Original Rough face.

Alabaster Douglas Fir (FL352)
Alabaster (FL352)

Alabaster flooring brightens spaces w/ its sleek, Planed surface & custom white stain; a modern take on rustic charm.

Product shot of Boulder reclaimed Douglas Fir Flooring with Planed and Wirebrushed surface (FL357)
Boulder (FL357)

With a two-toned Ceruse finish Boulder features rich brown & white hues with a Planed & Wirebrushed surface that illuminates the grain.

Product shot of Ashfield reclaimed Douglas Fir Flooring with Planed, Wirebrushed surface (FL646)
Ashfield (FL646)

Sourced locally, Ashfield reclaimed Douglas Fir flooring is Planed & Wirebrushed with a cool grey custom tint over natural browns of the grain