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Finished Walnut Flooring

When only Finished Walnut Flooring will do, E&K offers the most exquisite range of surface colors. Find your sweet spot: from pale tan to gold bronze and on through to the expressive warmth of deep, dark chocolate tones.

Unfinished Walnut Floor Boards
Unfinished Walnut

Unfinished Walnut Flooring has a stunning natural beauty, making it an elegant flooring. The fine grain patterns and rich, organic colors of Walnut add sophistication and warmth to any setting. The rustic charm of this wood adds a unique touch to your home or commercial space.

Product shot of Barcelona Walnut wood Flooring with Hit or Miss surface (FL547)
Barcelona (FL547)

Discover the sophistication of Barcelona Walnut wood flooring, a product with a distinctive Hit or Miss surface and a beautiful dark finish. Warm Walnut hues and Planed boards are accented by the rough surface that gives the product depth and personality.

Cardiff Walnut (FL583)
Cardiff (FL583)

Cardiff Walnut wood flooring blends elegance and character seamlessly. Richly toned vintage wood flooring with a luxurious surface. Featuring a bespoke gold bronze finish that accentuates the flooring's prominent grain patterns, marked by burls and waves.

Install image of Penmar Reclaimed Wood Flooring with Planed surface(FL704)
Penmar (FL704)

Penmar Walnut wood flooring truly highlights Walnut's inherent beauty. A custom bronze finish produces a rich and distinctive aesthetic, with distinguishing swirls and undertones of darker colors. Elegantly Planed boards contrast with the distinctive grain patterns and give a luxe surface to the flooring.

Product shot of Biarritz Walnut wood flooring with Planed surface (FL305)
Biarritz (FL305)

Biarritz Walnut wood flooring features a smooth planed face that highlights the natural wood grain patterns. The custom finish adds a layer of sophistication to the elegant creamy whites and light browns of the wood, making it an ideal option for any space that calls for a touch of class.

Product shot of Mica Walnut Wood Flooring with a Planed surface (FL350)
Mica (FL350)

Mica Walnut wood flooring offers a contemporary design aesthetic suitable for commercial and residential settings. Mica has a subtle pale grey finish with hints of yellow and a smooth Planed surface and highlighting the gorgeous grain patterns.

Product shot of Basque Walnut Wood Flooring with Planed surface (FL351)
Basque (FL351)

Basque Walnut wood flooring is contemporary wood flooring that is perfect for both residential and commercial settings. It has a modern gold and tan finish with undertones of brown. This flooring option blends elegance and smooth surface, and its colors give any space a feeling of warmth.