Reclaimed Wood Flooring
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install shot of Tangiers reclaimed Oak Flooring

History in Every Step

The Irresistible Allure of Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Our in-house finishing team is known for customizing floors to our customer’s individual design needs. We select boards from the highest quality historic sources, providing a sense of character and history for your next project. We also offer engineered wood flooring with a reclaimed surface, which combines the natural beauty of wood with the enhanced durability of new wood. Whether you choose from one of our in-house finishes or create your own custom look, we will work with you to provide the highest quality materials and craftsmanship for your next project.


Oak Flooring

Unfinished Oak

Our most popular flooring option. Reclaimed Oak has a majestic beauty whether the boards are planed or featured in their original face texture. Left unfinished, Oak’s grain patterns & colors simply speak for themselves.

Marin Oak

A classic floor with a clear water-based finish, Marin White Oak adds character with a classic vintage look.

Normandy Oak

This flooring features an Original Rough Face for a rustic look, our Normandy Oak flooring emphasizes beautiful brown tones.

Reims Oak

Planks of glossy rich brown tones that highlight the intricate grain patterns and knots of the wood and feature luxuriously smooth Planed surface.

Tangiers Oak

A classic reclaimed floor with rich deep brown tones, our Tangiers Oak floor sets projects apart with a look of warmth, perfect in any setting, home or business.

Adele Oak

Dark brown blends with grey in our Adele reclaimed Oak flooring.

Santiago Oak

Blonde tones blend with darker highlights and caramel hues in our Santiago flooring.

Andorra Oak

Have history at your footsteps with the rugged, weathered charm of Andorra reclaimed Oak flooring.

Santa Fe Oak

With its pale tones and elegant surface, Santa Fe flooring flows well with contemporary, minimalist aesthetics. A white base in the finish keeps the look light & airy, while hints of grey & brown make for subtle contrasts.

Aquitaine Oak

One of our most remarkable floors, the Aquitaine features a beautiful rustic face.

Provo Oak

The custom finished lovely White and Red Oak tones and Planed surface provide an inviting atmosphere for contemporary projects. Provo features a Planed surface that gives it a classic look.

Kentucky Oak

Wirebrushed texture highlights a muted palette of dark grey and light brown in Kentucky reclaimed oak flooring. This custom combination evokes a warm, earthy American aesthetic.

Bordeaux Oak

With plenty of Old World style, Bordeaux Chevron evokes classic French flooring.

Jameson Oak

Transform your project with the golden hues & lustrous shine of Jameson Oak flooring.

Versailles Oak

Reimagine your floors with the Old World look of Versailles Oak.

Rouen Oak

Soothing hues of mocha combine with the texture of reclaimed oak in our Rouen flooring. In-house custom finishing highlights circular saw-marks with lighter and darker browns.

Limoges Oak

Featuring tones reminiscent of driftwood, Limoges Grey combines vintage weathered siding with interior barn boards.

Antibes Oak

Medium brown tones and smooth surface makes Antibes Oak an elegant flooring for any application.

Camden Oak

Camden flooring showcases the natural beauty of reclaimed Oak and features a clear hard wax oil imported from Belgium. Chocolate, cinnamon, and medium earth hues pair naturally with the rustic, saw-mark texture of the boards’ original Rough Face.

Dossetti Oak

Doessetti’s grey taupe, fawn, and light brown colors lend a warm inviting look to spaces.

Arles Oak

Arles reclaimed Oak parquet flooring fits together elegantly to create a mosaic of golden praline and caramel hues.

Strasbourg Oak

This chevron pattern features a palette of cream, beige, and smoky grey. Our Strasbourg reclaimed Oak flooring has a smoothly planed surface and works equally well in commercial or residential settings.

Malaga Oak

Our wirebrushing technique combined with a Ceruse finish results in a spectacular look for Malaga reclaimed Oak flooring. This product uses a 16th Century finishing technique, which lightens the wood grain while retaining the rich dark colors of the surface.

Cassis Oak

Beautiful interlocking design with rich deep brown tones and heavy "Hit or Miss" surface milling creates a smooth yet lightly aged texture.

Nice Oak

Named after a city renowned for its beautiful beaches, E&K’s Nice Oak flooring abounds in beach house style with its cool palette of greys & whites.

Veracruz Oak

Toffee-colored tones with hints of white & grey lend a relaxed contemporary feeling to Veracruz Oak flooring. The light, natural hues pair evocatively with surface markings softened by smooth planing.

Cherbourg Oak

White highlights accentuate golden brown in our Cherbourg product.

Santa Fe Rustique Oak

The clean lines of our Santa Fe Oak Rustique flooring uses our Hit-or-Miss milling technique for a rustic look and features pale, minimalist notes.

Bayonne Oak

Named after a Basque city in southwestern France where two rivers meet, our Bayonne Oak Weathered Wire Brush Flooring wears its old-country influences understatedly.

Dunkirk Oak

Roughly textured, yet with an old-world charm, Dunkirk reclaimed Oak flooring features prominent saw marks across the surface. The sandy hues contrast with the warm, dark brown tones underneath.

Celadon Oak

Created as a custom product, Celadon Oak flooring has honey blonde & rich brown tones that evoke the feeling of warmth and give it a vintage feel.

Avignon Oak

Bring the feel of history to your contemporary spaces with light-grey Avignon Flooring. Our custom resawn surface features traditional band-saw marks, preserving its vintage charm.

Bourges Oak

With tan and blue colors, Bourges Oak uses Wire Brushed surface to bring out the character of the wood.

Cannes Oak

Cool grey and white tones and a smooth planed surface make Cannes reclaimed Oak flooring a perfect choice for commercial and residential settings.

Big Sur Oak

Named for a beautiful section of the Central California Coast, our Big Sur reclaimed Oak flooring evokes the feeling of a cloudy oceanside day.

Papillon Oak

Papillon reclaimed Oak flooring combines rustic surfaces with muted dark brown shades. Dusky yellow shows through darker tones, highlighting the rough face texture, lightly planed by our custom Hit or Miss milling.

Toulouse Oak

A light, airy look defines Toulouse reclaimed oak flooring. Planed smooth for stately symmetry, the boards have a custom blend of grey and white tones.

Dijon Oak

A smoothly planed Herringbone pattern in overcast hues lends a clean contemporary look to Dijon Oak flooring. Its textures & Dijon colored tones make this a versatile choice for many projects.

Annecy Oak

Fashioned of durable hardwood, this reclaimed Oak flooring combines great density with rustic aesthetics. A custom finish lets the inherently rough surface speak for itself.

Le Havre Oak

Le Havre Oak flooring blends lighter blues, greys, and browns in a rustic yet refreshing palette. Band-sawn boards feature straight instead of circular saw marks.

Rochelle Oak

With the inherent beauty of its Herringbone pattern, Rochelle Oak is stained in medium to dark brown tones and rustic Hit or Miss surface. Can be offered in plank form.


Walnut Flooring


Douglas Fir Flooring

Unfinished Douglas Fir

In its unfinished state, Reclaimed Unfinished Douglas Fir Flooring reveals the age & history of the boards. This flooring option can be Planed for a smoother surface or taken in its Original Rough Face texture. Available in Clear Vertical Grain

Huntington Douglas Fir

Huntington flooring is sourced on the West Coast and features a clear finish that enhances chocolate to orange-brown coloring & beautiful grain.Alpine flooring is locally sourced and finished w/ a custom white tint which allows the wavy grain patterns to take center stage.

Alpine Douglas Fir

Alpine flooring is locally sourced and finished w/ a custom white tint which allows the wavy grain patterns to take center stage.

Seoul Douglas Fir

Seoul flooring is handcrafted from Planed Douglas Fir planks with a captivating blend of white & chestnut brown.

Preston Douglas Fir

Preston has a custom off-white finish over light golden undertones with a smoothly Planed surface that combine to give distinctive depth.

Ontario Douglas Fir

Rich browns and greys this flooring made with reclaimed lumber with a hand-sanded Original Rough face.

Alabaster Douglas Fir

Alabaster flooring brightens spaces w/ its sleek, Planed surface & custom white stain; a modern take on rustic charm.

Boulder Douglas Fir

With a two-toned Ceruse finish Boulder features rich brown & white hues with a Planed & Wirebrushed surface that illuminates the grain.

Ashfield Douglas Fir

Sourced locally, Ashfield reclaimed Douglas Fir flooring is Planed & Wirebrushed with a cool grey custom tint over natural browns of the grain.


Mixed Hardwood Flooring