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reclaimed hand hewn beams installed in luxury montecito home

Reclaimed Wood Beams

Why Reclaimed Wood Beams

Stories That Shape Our Spaces

Reclaimed wood isn't just about aesthetic appeal or sustainability; it's about the stories that are integrated into its wood grain. Think for a moment about the tales of an old barn that stood witness to countless seasons, or the silent stories that old factories that powered the early industrial era would tell. Each piece of reclaimed wood we use brings this sense of history into your space, adding layers of depth and significance that new materials simply cannot offer.

Unmatched Textures and Tones

One of the most remarkable features of reclaimed wood is its vast array of textures and tones. Over decades, even centuries, the wood has developed a patina and texture that cannot be replicated artificially. This natural aging process brings out a spectrum of colors and surfaces that make each board unique. From silvery grays of weathered exterior siding to the deep, rich tones of aged beams, reclaimed wood offers unmatched diversity that will complement any design aesthetic.

Preserving America’s Heritage

Our commitment to reclaimed wood goes beyond its aesthetic appeal. It's an expression of our dedication to preserving it for future generations. By sourcing reclaimed wood, we’re not just salvaging beautiful materials; we’re actively saving beautiful hand-crafted beams and reclaimed wood from landfills.

A Finite Resource

Wood, once seen as an abundant resource, is becoming a more precious commodity that demands careful sourcing and utilization. We are all aware of the effects of deforestation, from habitat destruction to climate change, and that this underscores a critical need for responsible wood practices. 

Reclaimed wood is part of the solution and by preserving wood from bygone eras, we reduce the burden of using new wood, while also saving hand-crafted wood from America’s pioneering past for future generations.

Transform Your Next project.

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