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Weathered Beams – Grey

Grey Weathered Reclaimed Beams are an exceptional choice for adding character to any project. These one-of-a-kind beams are carefully reclaimed from vintage barns and structures, showcasing their natural patina and unique character that is acquired from exposure to the elements over time. With a range of color tones from light to darker shades of grey and variations in wood grain depth, these beams provide an authentic and distinctive look that cannot be replicated. Their unique texture and coloration make them a perfect fit for rustic or modern design projects, adding warmth and history to any space.

Pine Weathered Grey Beams in the shop (BM116)
Pine Weathered Grey Beams (BM116)

Our Weathered Grey Pine Box Beams show exposure to the elements. This causes the wood grain to begin to open up showing depth as well as turning the material a range of beautiful shades of grey.