Rough Sawn Beams
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Rough Sawn Beams

Bring a touch of authentic history to your next project with E&K’s Rough Sawn Beams. These beams are ideal for projects that require a rustic, authentic look. Dating back between 50-150 years, these beams retain their original saw marks and patina.

Available in a wide range of finishes, choose from our selection of both Box and Solid beams.


Our most popular Rough Sawn Box and Solid Beams, the tannins in Oak produce a range of colors, from light tan to dark chocolate brown and feature the original circular saw marks from their construction.

Douglas Fir

A testament to the fierce beauty of their native Pacific Northwest, Rough Sawn Douglas Fir box and solid beams boast warm brown tones.

Mixed Hardwoods

We carefully select species that work together for our Mixed Hardwood Rough Sawn Box and Solid Beams. These beams are lighter in color and range from tan to medium brown.


For cooler shades of brown, consider the versatility of Rough Sawn Pine Box and Solid Beams. Here, you’ll find a wider palette of earth tones, from bright sand to golden hues and on through to the more medium browns.

Cedar Mushroom Wood

The planks these beams are made from are reclaimed from Cedar bins used to grow mushrooms- the interaction creates a dimensional surface, giving these beams a rustic eye-catching texture.


Our Rough Sawn Walnut Box Beams have a consistently cool brown color, with character unlike any other wood, ranging from medium brown to richer shades and feature the original saw marks from their construction.