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Planed Beams

Through a process of planing and sanding, Planed Beams feature a cleaner, contemporary aesthetic that complements a wide range of design styles. Available in both box and solid options, these beams can be customized to match any desired finish. Perfect for commercial and residential projects, our Planed Beams offer a unique, modern touch to any space.

White oak box beams (BM111)
Oak (BM111)

A classic choice and our most popular products, reclaimed oak planed beams highlight a patina and character marks not found in non-reclaimed wood.

walnut beam grain pattern
Walnut (BM115)

With its consistently cool brown color, walnut planed beams have a character, unlike any other wood. At its best in a natural finish, walnut features a spectacular wood grain.

Calabasas Restaurant Pedaler's Fork has Reclaimed Douglas Fir box beams (Rough Sawn, Resawn and Planed) installed
Douglas Fir (BM113)

Showcasing the beautiful grain of Douglas Fir Planed Beams, these beams are available as-is, with one of our standard finishes or with a custom stain to match your design.