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Hand Hewn Beams

E&K’s Hand Hewn beams represent the foundations of American history dating back 100-200+ years. These beams were cut by hand with a special tool called an “Adze.” The unique marks are different on every beam depending on the hewing technique of the person making them.

In addition to our hand-hewn solid beams, we also construct lightweight box beams that are indistinguishable from the original. These box beams can be built in any size and can also be used to cover existing beams.

Offered with a natural finish, and can be further customized with a variety of color options to suit your design preferences.

Oak Hewn Beams
Oak (BM100)

With their natural tones & hand-crafted texture, Oak Hewn box and solid beams are all unique.

Mixed Hardwoods Beams
Mixed Hardwoods (BM101)

Mixed Hardwood box and solid beams include a variety of species, offering a range of textural variations & color possibilities.