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Elevating Expectations with Custom Reclaimed Wood

The Story of Dossetti Flooring

In the world of interior design, the materials you choose can make all the difference. Reclaimed wood stands out for its unique charm and ability to balance warm textures with more contemporary materials. At E&K Vintage Wood, we’ve built a reputation for transforming spaces with our bespoke custom reclaimed wood products, working with homeowners, architects, contractors, and business clients such as Microsoft, Google, Whole Foods, and others. Our commitment to quality and custom reclaimed wood solutions set us apart, and our collaboration with designers, contractors, homeowners, and architects is at our heart. In this blog post, we’ll share our journey of creating custom reclaimed wood for the Dossetti family. We’ll explain how we collaborated to develop a custom surface and stain that perfectly matched the designer’s vision and fit seamlessly with the other materials in the project.

"Dossetti," a custom reclaimed wood product

The Importance of Custom Reclaimed Wood

Collaboration is the cornerstone of any successful design project. It ensures that the materials match the existing design aesthetics and bring a quality and uniqueness that can not be replicated. Our custom stains and surface treatments offer options to complement any material or aesthetic.

Matching Design Aesthetics:
Every space has a unique feel, and our custom products help in perfectly matching the wood to the existing decor.

Unique Look:
A bespoke finish ensures that no two projects are alike, giving each space a unique identity.

Adding Warmth and Character:
Customization allows for seamlessly blending reclaimed wood with contemporary materials, bringing warmth, character, and a sense of history to modern environments.

Dossetti reclaimed flooring

From Vision to Reality: Our Collaborative Process for Custom Reclaimed Wood

Creating custom stains and finishes is a collaborative journey that begins with understanding the client’s vision and ends with a beautifully transformed space. Here’s a step-by-step overview of how we work with our clients at E&K Vintage Wood:

Initial Consultation
The process starts with an initial consultation, during which we meet with the client to understand their vision, needs, and preferences. This phase is crucial as it sets the foundation for what to expect with the project.

Selection of Reclaimed Wood
Next, we help the client select the perfect reclaimed wood for their project. Our extensive inventory offers a variety of options, each with its unique history and character. Different species of wood and surfaces are available in different quantities. How a particular type of reclaimed wood will react to surface and finishing treatments is as much an art as a science, and our team has decades of experience helping navigate these choices.

Creating and Testing Stains
Once the wood is selected, we begin the iterative process of creating and testing stains. This involves mixing different stains, applying them to wood samples, and adjusting based on client feedback.

Final Approval and Production
After several iterations, we arrive at the perfect stain that meets the client’s expectations. The final approval is followed by the production phase, where the wood is treated, stained, and finished according to the approved specifications.

Communication and Feedback
Continuous communication and feedback are essential throughout the process. We keep the client informed at every step, ensuring their vision is being realized perfectly.

Dossetti: Creating a Bespoke Look for a Special Client

Custom reclaimed wood Dossetti

Introduction to the Dossetti Project
The Dossetti project was a unique and exciting challenge for us. The client, Dossetti, had specific design needs for their reclaimed oak flooring, and they sought a look that would match other contemporary materials chosen by their designer.

Understanding Dossetti’s Needs
Our collaboration with Dossetti began with early discussions about their vision. They wanted a floor that was not only functional but also aesthetically striking. The reclaimed oak needed a rough-sawn surface with a penetrating oil finish, providing visual and tactile appeal.

The Collaboration Process
The process was marked by several challenges, primarily in achieving the perfect stain that met Dossetti’s high standards. We experimented with various stains and finishes, iterating multiple times based on their feedback. This collaborative effort resulted in a unique look that exceeded expectations.

Custom reclaimed wood product "Dossetti"

The Outcome
The final product was a testament to the power of custom reclaimed wood. The reclaimed oak flooring fit perfectly with the project, offering a modern and timeless aesthetic. The rough-sawn surface added a layer of texture and depth, making the flooring a standout feature.

Zinqué Restaurant Chain

Following the success of the Dossetti project, E&K provided flooring for the homeowner’s popular restaurant chain, Zinqué. With locations in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, the restaurant is known for its chic ambiance. The custom flooring perfectly complemented Zinqué’s sophisticated style. This collaboration, which started as a custom floor for a luxury home, evolved into a bespoke product. This success highlighted the versatility and elegance of E&K’s creations, reinforcing their reputation as a top provider of custom reclaimed wood solutions for discerning clients.

The Broader Impact

Living area showcasing the reclaimed wood product "Dossetti"

The success of the Dossetti project had a broader impact on E&K Vintage Wood. It led to the expansion of our product line, incorporating the bespoke designs and finishes developed during the project. We received glowing testimonials from satisfied clients and designers who had used the “Dossetti flooring.”

Inspiring Future Collaborations for Custom Reclaimed Wood

At E&K Vintage Wood, we believe in the power of collaboration. We invite designers, architects, and homeowners to partner with us in creating bespoke designs that elevate their spaces. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures every project is a unique success. We encourage you to contact our team to learn about custom reclaimed wood’s transformative power.

Looking Ahead: Building Future Partnerships

Using custom reclaimed wood in design is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating spaces that tell a story. At E&K Vintage Wood, our custom stains and finishes help achieve this by blending the old with the new, the rustic with the contemporary. The Dossetti project perfectly exemplifies how bespoke designs can transform a space, making it unique and personal. We look forward to more collaborations that push the boundaries of design and bring our client’s visions to life.

If you’re ready to elevate your expectations with reclaimed wood, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us here or by using the form below.

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