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Commercial Accounts

Building for the Future with Historic Reclaimed Wood

At E&K Vintage Wood, we specialize in fulfilling large-scale nationwide orders for commercial clients with unmatched consistency and quality. Our reclaimed wood products maintain a uniform look and natural charm year after year, ensuring your current and future projects will have a consistent look.

  • Large-Scale Multi-Location Orders
  • Proprietary Finishes
  • Consistent Multi-Year Phased Roll-Out
  • Discounts for Multi-Location Orders
image of reclaimed wood in a business
Pacific City MallRushmore Soft and Hardwood Paneling
image of reclaimed wood in a business
Eureka Restaurants (Multiple Locations)Douglas Fir Siding and Paneling
image of reclaimed wood in a business
Google HeadquartersReclaimed Planed Oak
image of reclaimed wood in a business
Great White Restaurants (Multiple Locations)White Oak Ceiling Slats and Paneling
image of reclaimed wood in a business
Microsoft (Multiple Locations)Lexington Rough Sawn Oak Paneling
image of reclaimed wood in a business
Water Grill (Multiple Locations)Cassis Oak Flooring

Custom Finishes and Surfaces

Discover the extraordinary possibilities available with our reclaimed wood, where custom finishes and looks redefine commercial spaces. With a dedicated finishing department and large production capacity, we can create a unique product tailored for your business that is one of a kind.

The E&K Difference

With over 15 years of expertise and a large inventory, we are well positioned to handle orders for large commercial spaces. Trusted by industry giants like Disney, California Pizza Kitchen, Nike, and Google, our reclaimed wood business offers unmatched quality. Count on us for top-notch craftsmanship, precision, and reliability, ensuring your projects stand out with unique and reliable reclaimed wood solutions.

Trusted Partners

Can you handle large volume orders?

Yes! With out capacity and partner manufacturers, we routinely handle large volume orders for national brands.

Can you source enough reclaimed wood for an order?

We are experts at knowing what materials can be sourced at scale. Our staff will help you identify products that are available in consistent and large enough quantities for your needs.

Can you handle long lead times?

Yes, we have been in business for 15 years and can handle long lead times and multi-year phased rollouts now and into the future.