Why is Reclaimed Wood Sustainable?
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Why is Reclaimed Wood Sustainable?

Why is reclaimed wood sustainable? By sourcing materials from historic structures, we help save wood that would otherwise be lost to history. An alternative to using new wood in your project, reclaimed wood adds authenticity and warmth to modern design projects, while also helping to preserve the environment.

Long mixed hardwood Hand Hewn Box Beams (BM101)

Authentic Charm

A timeless, rustic appearance will set your project apart, adding value for years to come. Sourced from historic structures, reclaimed wood brings warmth and character to modern design.
Find out why is Reclaimed Wood Sustainable

Timeless Reliability

Reclaimed wood sets itself apart. Often sourced from old-growth trees, it often has a tighter grain, more patina, and is of better quality than new materials. The result is a premium product that sets itself apart from new-growth wood.
Reclaimed Wood Lumber

Looking to the Future

Sourcing materials from abandoned structures help reduce deforestation. Breathe new life into your project with wood that tells the story of America's past.

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Lumber