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Rush, Packing, & Delivery Options

1.     RUSH CHARGE OPTION – Depending on current capacity and supply. Sometimes E&K can offer material on a rush basis. General pricing as follows:

A. Reduce Standard Delivery by 25 – 50% ADD 25%

BReduce Standard Delivery by 51%+  ADD 50% or Price upon Request

All Rush Charges must be pre-approved. We cannot guarantee we can provide Rush Services.


2.   PACKING OPTIONS – Standard Packing is on stickers and strapped

AShrink wrap Standard Packing – $100 per Package Shrink Wrapped

BPalletize $250 for standard pallet with Shrink Wrap. Double Pallet $400 with Shrink Wrap

C. Crate – $500 per crate up to 24″H x 42″W” x 120L”

DSmall Packs – Material is shrink wrapped in individual packages of 4 – 8 boards and then packed in one of the above options. This allows the boards to be lifted in small packages by hand. $1.00 BF/SF


3.    DELIVERY E&K OPTIONS — All Items Purchased are FOB E&K Facility Gardena, CA.   E&K can help arrange Third Party Common Carrier Delivery.  Customer will take title at the time of loading and is responsible for insurance and payment to Carrier.  At times E&K does offer Local Delivery.  Price is based on Driver/Truck only and 2 hours on site. Each additional hour over 1 hour on site billed at $75/hour. Additional workers billed at $30 / hour for each additional hour at site over 2 hours.

ADriver Only Within 25 Miles – $250

BExtra Worker within 25 Miles first 2 hours – $100

CDriver Only Within 25-50 Miles – $350

DExtra Worker 25-50 Miles first 2 hours – $150

EDriver Only 51+ Miles – $350 + $1.50 per mile

FExtra Worker  51+ Miles – $150 (first two hours) + $1.00 per mile for 

G. Third Party Carrier with Forklift Local Delivery (within 50 miles) Price TBD Carrier usually $450+