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Reclaimed Wood Siding Specifications

Siding Blends

E&K Vintage Wood Siding Blends are ready to install signature combinations of reclaimed wood, comprised of one or more species.  The varied texture and color blends have been designed by E&K to form a variety of signature looks to suit any design or aesthetic. E&K’s custom Siding Blends are highly versatile and can be used on both interior and exterior walls and ceilings and countless other creative applications.

Standard Milling for our Siding Blends is S1S2E, a process which mills the boards to consistent thicknesses and widths. Milling is included in the pricing for most of our Siding Blend products. In general the material will be milled to a consistent thickness of 1/2″ and 5/8″, and a choice of widths from 2″ up to 11″. This material comes with the ends trimmed, power washed, ready for installation.

As an additional option our Siding Blends can be milled with Tongue and Groove or Shiplap detail on the sides of planks if desired.

As always with reclaimed wood, every board that we use is unique; grain type and surface texture will vary, amount of nail holes, knots, weathering, etc. will vary from board to board.  Every Siding Blend board or plank will be unique; no two will be exactly the same.   When reviewing images of the different Siding Blends we offer, keep in mind that it is not possible to exactly replicate the look of any given larger flooring order completely.

If this natural variance is a concern for any given client, we are happy to recommend one of our most consistent finishes in that case.  We can also offer Select or Premium Grade options based on certain specific characteristics.  These specifications can help the most discerning clients limit the amount of knots, nail holes, variance in coloring, grain type that they wish to see in their Siding Blend.

Listed below are general Siding Blend specifications, individual products may vary from the general specifications.  Note: some of the Siding Blends are made up of a single lumber product and the only difference from purchasing it as a Siding Blend is that we have selected boards that are suitable to be milled and used as Siding or Paneling.



The wood for our Siding Blends is obtained from the deconstruction of old structures including: Barns, Mills, Homes and other Residential and Commercial structures.


We offer Siding Blends in single species including Oak, Pine, Douglas Fir as well as Mixed Wood options which may include the aforementioned as well as Beech, Elm, Gum, Hickory, Maple, Poplar, Tropical Hardwoods and others


Most of our Siding Blends are available in our standard dimensions.  Custom dimensions are based on supply.  Timing for orders even standard dimensions is based on current inventory.  If we have a certain size in stock then we can generally provide the finished product considerably faster than if we have to take down one of our many barns to supply the order.

Length:  Standard range is 2’ – 8’ or 10’ with the bulk of the Siding Blends 4’+.  Subject to supply we can offer most material in longer lengths if desired, or all cut to a specific lengths.

Thickness:  Standard thickness is ½” or 5/8” based on supply we can provide flooring at smaller or larger dimensions.

Width: The standard widths offered are 2” – 7” – 11” depending on the product. An order may be single fixed width or with multiple widths.  When doing multiple widths generally we provide equal linear footage of each width.


On all our Siding Blends the milling is already determined.  In most cases the milling is S1S2E which means we have surfaced the two edges and one face, leaving the original surface on the face that will be exposed.  Some Siding Blends are S4S, which by definition are 4 sides surfaced.  In this case the exposed face will be surfaced exposing the planed wood.  Unless otherwise identified, the boards will be equal thickness and equal width and varying lengths.

Profile:   Our standard Siding Blend is straight edged allowing a butt joint where the boards butted together but do not overlap or interlock.  We do offer additional profile milling of either shiplap or tongue and groove.   If you require a custom profile, we can fabricate custom profile knives at an additional cost.

Surface Milling:  Siding Blends may come with one of the following surfaces.

Planed:  The material is put through the molder and the blades cut the surface layer off and the face of the material is smooth.

Hit or Miss (HOM or Skip Planed): the blades on the molder are set to just skim the top of the board.  The material is lightly planed, the higher points will be planed and the lower points will be left with the original surface.   Generally when milling HOM we will run the molder for a heavier “hit” then “miss” to get more consistent thickness on the planks.

Rough Face (Dirty Top): The complete original face is left intact on the board.

Varied Thickness on HOM and Original Face:  Rough Face and HOM milling options by definition are either not milled at all on the surface, or not fully milled.  There will often be a slight “lip” along the seams where two boards come together upon installation. Wood planks are not always level they may have a slight cup or bow in them; this is part of what makes the HOM work.  The blade only scrapes the high points and you do not cut the entire top layer off to an even thickness Thus you have boards that will be higher or lower in the middle and higher or lower in the center.  This creates boards that are not exactly the same thickness; this is especially true with Oak 


Part of the charm and look of reclaimed wood is the character inherent in boards that have had a prior use.  This means that material may have some or all or none of the following:  knots, cracks, splits, bolt holes, insect tracks, divots, and other signs of previous use, as long as the board is sound, then these items may be present.  In some cases for a specified product it may be specified by E&K that some or all of these will not be present.  Clients can in some cases order Select or Premium option, to have E&K hand select for the inclusion or removal of some or all of these traits, depending on supply.  ,

We strive to make samples that show some of these character marks but in some cases, smaller sample boards may not show these marks.   Sample boards are generally 2 to 6 sq.ft. in size and flooring orders range from 500 sq.ft to 5000 sq.ft. And we cannot incorporate all the types of markings that your Siding Blend will contain, in a single sample.  If the sample does not have certain characteristics it DOES NOT MEAN THEY WILL NOT BE IN THE FINAL SIDING BLEND.

In many cased you can expect to see a number of knot holes, cracks and nail holes.


E&K offers “Select” or “Premium” grades in some cases.  These options vary depending on the species and supply.  What they mean is that E&K will hand select for certain traits.  In general “Select” grade means fewer knots, nail holes and other character marks.  More consistent looking boards in general.  “Premium” grade may be for the selection of specific grain types such as Vertical Grain, Quarter sawn or it may be for a certain coloring present in some boards but not others.  Grade specifications are usually determined on a product by product basis. 


E&K Siding Blends are either kiln dried or air dried.  After Siding Blends are delivered to the client, E&K makes no warranties or representations that the Siding Blends will maintain the proper Moisture Content.   If installing outside the Siding Blend may need to be coated with some protective finish.  When wood is exposed to the elements there may be changes in the appearance and structure of the material.  E&K makes no warranties regarding the eventual disposition of material that is installed outside.  E&K follows the National Hardwood Flooring Association (NWFA) Guidelines for Flooring and we recommend that anyone purchasing Siding Blends read the publications issued by the NWFA for additional information that may pertain to Siding. General Installation Guidelines (include Jobsite Conditions, Acclimation, Moisture Testing), Moisture and Wood, and Maintenance).


Siding Blends vary in weight by species. ½” or 5/8” thick Siding Blends will weigh 50 – 62.5% of the board foot weight for any given species.  The general range is between 1 – 2 1/2lbs per square foot.


All of our Siding Blends are sold by the square foot.  Some of our Siding Blends can be purchased as lumber and then they are sold by the Board Foot.


Standard packaging of Siding Blends is to Bundle them.  The Siding Blend is stacked in rows, and then strapped with metal straps.  The bundles sit on stickers (boards) spaced approximately every 48”.  The size of the bundles is based on moving by forklift.  Bundle sizes are approximately 24 – 48” high, 42” wide and 8 – 12’ long.

E&K offers other packaging options:

Hand Carry: Siding Blend is packaged in 4-8 board packages and then bundled.  This provides easy to carry small packages of flooring that one or two people can carry once the bundle is opened.

Crate:  When Siding Blends are going to be shipped by 3rd party and the material may be on and off loaded the most protection offered is when the material is crated.  A wooden crate is built that completely encompasses the material.

Palletizing: A less expensive option than crating is to palletize the material.  The Siding Blend is packaged as per Standard Bundling except instead of sitting on stickers the bundles sit on single or double pallets.


E&K Siding Blends are FSC Certified and can help a project qualify for up to 5 LEED credit points.  The points it may qualify for are MR 4.1 and MR 4.2 (Recycled Content), MR 7 (Certified Wood) and if within 500 miles of Los Angeles, MR 5.1 and MR 5.2 (Regional Materials) points.


All E&K Siding Blends are fumigated and in many cases kiln dried.  E&K has an extremely diligent policy of monitoring for any type of pests or infestation in its wood.



Douglas Fir – SDDF

Pine – SDPN

Oak – SDOK

Mixed Wood –SDMW


OPTIONS Available for Flooring:

Cut to Length

Select All One Length or Greater

Select / Premium Grades