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Reclaimed Lumber Specifications

Reclaimed Lumber

Our Antique Reclaimed Lumber has truly lived a previous life. E&K’s Reclaimed Lumber has been taken from old structures ranging from Barns to Schools to Factories. This material has endured years of use and is ready to be placed into use once again.

Quite often reclaimed wood has a character and look that cannot be replicated in new lumber. E&K may obtain Oak from a 200 year-old tree that was used in a 150 year-old barn in Virginia or a 300 year-old Redwood used in a wine tank installed 75 years ago in Napa or it may be something slightly newer, it could be Douglas Fir joists and rafters from Frank Sinatra’s house built in the 1950s. All of this wood will feature unparalleled grain patterns, coloring, rich texture, and warmth. Eclectic character markings reveal the wood’s history.  The key is that all of this material is reclaimed and has a character and story, unlike new wood. Our range of Antique Lumber encompasses many species and looks, making it the perfect fit for both traditional, rustic and contemporary settings.

E&K keeps in stock a large supply of Reclaimed Woods sourced locally, throughout the U.S., and Internationally. In addition, E&K and its partners control over 5 million Board Feet of Reclaimed lumber that is still in the structures.  E&K maintains this large supply of inventory to ensure that we can always offer our clients a consistent supply of material

The E&K Vintage Wood Reclaimed Lumber Category includes lumber that is less than 6” in thickness, material 6” or more can be found in Reclaimed Beams (BM). Available species include a wide range of Hardwoods and Softwoods. Material is generally sorted by species and then by thickness and width, similar to standard lumber. Example: 2×6 Oak, or 3×10 Douglas Fir. Some of the key differences are that Reclaimed Wood generally comes rough sawn and the lengths and widths are not as uniform as standard lumber. There are exceptions and this is noted in the Product Line Description or in the specific Product Information.

SOURCE: A wide range of commercial and residential structures including: Houses, Barns, Stables, Corrals, Factories, Wineries, and Churches to name a few. The general age of the structures is between 50–150 years old.

SPECIES: E&K generally has a wide range of species on hand, which may include Azobe, Beech, Cedar, Cherry, Chestnut, Douglas Fir, Elm, Gum, Heart Pine, Hemlock, Hickory, IPE, Maple, Oak, Pine, Poplar, Redwood, Sycamore, Teak and Walnut.

STANDARD RANGE OF DIMENSIONS: E&K Reclaimed Lumber is sorted by Species and then by Width and Thickness. Due to the fact that we carry a wide range of Reclaimed Lumber that was originally milled at different points in time and over the years the General Standards for Nominal and Actual dimensions of lumber have changed. This means Reclaimed Lumber may have a slightly wider range of variation in the Standard dimensions.

E&K tries to use generally accepted ranges for nominal and actual sizing of lumber. However, due to the variation in Reclaimed Wood, carefully read the range in possible actual sizes. If more exact sizes are needed, they can be provided upon request. For some material, E&K has come up with its own size categories that are outside of the guidelines in this document and more information can be found in the Product Line Sheets or Product Sheets. This applies most notably to Barnwood Siding 1” material, see Barnwood Siding Product Line Sheet for more information.

Thickness: The Actual Thickness of Reclaimed Lumber will be at the Nominal Size or within 1/2”. Example: 2×6 will be between 1 ½” – 2”.  Lumber is defined as material that is less than 6” thick, material over 6” is classified as a beam.

Width: The Actual Width of Reclaimed Lumber will be within 5/8” of the Nominal Width below 6” wide. Example: 2×6 will be between 5 3/8” – 6’ wide.  For lumber at 7” and wider the range between Nominal Width and Actual Width increases to ¾”.  Example: 3×10 will be between 9 ¼” – 10” Wide.

Length: Just as all lengths of lumber are used in buildings, we receive Reclaimed Lumber in a wide range of lengths from 1’ – 30’+. We realize that people generally can’t work with such a wide range of lengths, so E&K offers its standard lumber within a narrower range. Standard lengths offered range from 4’ – 12’ Random. For Barnwood Siding the standard offering is 2’ – 8’ Random lengths. We also have longer lengths that can be ordered as well as ordering all material at a fixed length or at a fixed length or greater.

CHARACTER MARKS: Reclaimed Lumber varies greatly in how much character is present in the material. Some character markings that may be present include: unlimited knots; some will be sound others will have fallen out. Some surface checking and cracking may be present, as long as the board is sound. Holes from where nails or other fasteners were removed will be present in most boards. Depending on what the board was exposed to, the face of a board may have oil, dirt, paint, or other substances, when power washed much of this can be removed.

MOISTURE CONTENT: Reclaimed Lumber in most cases has been air dried over the years, it is generally between 5 – 18% moisture content. E&K Vintage Wood kiln dries all material that is to be utilized as flooring and can kiln dry other non-flooring material upon request.

COLOR/APPEARANCE: Reclaimed Lumber’s appearance ranges from extremely rustic and weathered boards to cleaner limited character boards. Splits, checking, nail holes, knots, water stains; insect tracks, bolt holes and other character marks may all be present in varying degrees.

WEIGHT: Reclaimed Lumber varies in weight by species with the lighter species such as pine and fir under 3lbs per Board Foot and the heavier species such as Oak or IPE 4 – 5lbs per Board Foot.

CERTIFICATON: E&K Reclaimed Wood is FSC Certified and can help a project qualify for up to 5 LEED credit points. The points it may qualify for are MR 4.1 and MR 4.2 (Recycled Content), MR 7 (Certified Wood) and if within 500 miles of Los Angeles, MR 5.1 and MR 5.2 (Regional Materials) points.

FUMIGATION: All E&K Reclaimed Wood is fumigated and much of it is kiln dried. E&K has an extremely diligent policy of monitoring for any type of pests or infestation in its wood.

PRODUCT CATEGORY ID Reclaimed Lumber:  “LB”


Product Lines include Douglas Fir LBDF, Oak  LBOK, Redwood LBRW and many more.

OPTIONS: Most Standard Options are available. See Reclaimed Lumber Individual Product Lines for the various sorting options offered by E&K.