Reclaimed Lumber Barnwood Siding Specifications
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Reclaimed Lumber Barnwood Siding Specifications

Barnwood Siding

Antique Barnwood Siding comes from the boards that were used as interior and exterior walls of barns and other old structures. It comes in a number of different species, depending on what was available at the time in that particular location. The boards are generally 1” thick or less. Antique Barnwood Siding is available in a variety of sizes as well as a wide range of color and texture types.

No two planks of antique barn wood siding are the same, even within the same barn. The coloring and weathered characteristics vary based on a number of factors, including: geographic location, species, and weather. The exterior siding boards tend to be a weathered grey, with some brown coloring and may have remnants of being painted red or white. The interior boards are a wide range of colors from sand to chocolate brown. The timeless beauty of Antique Barnwood Siding is unmistakable.

E&K Vintage Wood normally receives Barnwood Siding unsorted and it may be purchased prior to the sorting process see Barnwood Siding Unsorted. The material is then sorted by appearance, species and dimensions. We first separate by type of wood. Hardwoods are sorted into one group and this includes; Beech, Elm, Hickory, Maple, Oak, Poplar and other hardwoods and then softwoods which are generally Pine.

The Pine is then sorted by color which is generally Weathered Grey, Red Painted, White Painted or Red and White Painted and it is sorted by width. All the Pine siding tends to be similar widths between 5/8 – 1”. This forms our Barn Siding Pine.

Barnwood Siding Hardwoods tend to run shorter on average than most reclaimed wood even of the same species. This is because it was too difficult for the farmer to put long boards of the hardwood siding because it was so heavy. Thus the Barnwood Siding Hardwoods average 2’ – 8’ in length.

SOURCE: Barns, Mills, Residential Homes, Stables, Corrals, Factories, Commercial Structures general age of structures is between 50 – 150 years old.

SPECIES: Mixed Species may include Oak, Beech, Elm, Maple, Ash, Hickory, Poplar, Pine, Fir, and others. All grain types and grades may be present.

STANDARD RANGE OF DIMENSIONS: E&K sorts all of its Barnwood Siding by width and thickness. Barnwood Siding has a wide range of dimensions depending on the species, geographical location, and type of barn. Generally due to the weight of hardwoods they are usually found in shorter lengths. Below is the range most Barnwood will fall into:

Thickness: 1/2” – 1 1/8” 1 ¼”

Width:  2” – 18”, Barn Siding Pine widths tends to be between 6” – 12”

Length: Average Length 2’ – 8’ (hardwoods), 4’ – 12’ (softwoods) – Longer lengths may be available.

CHARACTER MARKS: Barnwood Siding will contain unlimited knots, some will be sound others will have fallen out. Some surface checking and cracking may be present, as long as the board is sound. Holes from where nails or other fasteners were removed will be present in most boards.

MOISTURE CONTENT: Barnwood Siding has been air dried over the years, it is generally between 5 – 18% moisture content. E&K Vintage Wood kiln dries all material that is to be utilized as flooring and upon request can kiln dry other non-flooring material if needed.

COLOR/APPEARANCE: Barnwood Siding’s appearance ranges from extremely rustic and weathered boards to cleaner limited character boards. Splits, checking, nail holes, knots, water stains, insect tracks, bolt holes and other character marks may all be present in varying degrees. The majority of farmers traditionally painted barns red, white or left it natural. This results in the exterior boards having weathered greys, browns, whites and reds. Each species weathers differently and produces a different range of browns and greys as a result of exposure to the elements. Interior boards show less weathering but still have a wide range of coloring primarily browns with some greys, blacks and whites depending on the species, location and contents of barn. On occasion, other colors are found, including, blue, green, and yellow painted barns.

WEIGHT: As Barnwood Siding varies so does the weight of any given piece. The general range is between 2lbs – 4lbs for hardwoods depending on thickness and 1lbs – 2.5pbs for softwoods.

CERTIFICATON: E&K Barnwood Siding is FSC Certified and can help a project qualify for up to 5 LEED credit points. The points it may qualify for are MR 4.1 and MR 4.2 (Recycled Content), MR 7 (Certified Wood) and if within 500 miles of Los Angeles, MR 5.1 and MR 5.2 (Regional Materials) points.

FUMIGATION: All E&K Barnwood Siding is fumigated and much of it is kiln dried. E&K has an extremely diligent policy of monitoring for any type of pests or infestation in its wood.




Barnwood Blanks Oak LBBS31 – Barnwood sorted by Oak all between 13/16” -1” thick.

Barnwood Siding  Oak LBBS32– Barnwood sorted by Oak all between ½” – ¾” thick

Barnwood Blanks Mixed Woods LBBS181 – Mixed Hardwoods between 13/16” – 1”

Barnwood Siding Mixed Woods LBBS182 –Mixed Hardwoods ½” – ¾” thick

Barnwood Siding Pine Grey Weathered LBBS61 – Grey Weathered Pine ½” – ¾”

Barnwood Siding Pine Barn Red LBBS63 – Red Painted Pine ½” – ¾”

Barnwood Siding Pine Barn White LBBS65 – White Painted Pine ½” – ¾”

Barnwood Siding Unsorted – As is mixed species: random thickness, width and length.


Other: Varies depending on species and supply.