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Wood Services

All Essential Services Included

When purchasing reclaimed wood from E&K, we almost always include all basic reclaimed wood services in the preparation of your material. This includes denailing, trimming ends, kiln drying, hand selection, and defecting. From sourcing to preparation and finishing, our expert staff will handle every step of the process to ensure that the wood meets your exact specifications.

E&K Wood Showroom

Color Choices

Color is central to every project. It conveys emotion and helps establish a mood. We have the know-how to select wood that has the right natural colors or, as needed, our finishing team can work with you to create custom colors to match your project.
Hand inspection is one of E&K Woods included wood services

Selecting for Character

Every piece of reclaimed wood is distinct, with some boards appearing cleaner and others more rustic. This takes special care and knowledge of the product to identify the right material for a particular job. No matter if your project requires a vintage or modern look, we will work with you to find the right material to meet your needs.
wood services

Hand Inspection

Every vintage, reclaimed board is unique. Source, age, and weathering can give wood planks a wide range of looks, even for the same species. That is why it is essential to accurately identify the species of each board and hand select the boards for each product prior to any milling, surface preparation or finishing. E&K experts inspect and prepare each piece of reclaimed wood to guarantee that you are getting the highest quality in your delivery.
Pine Weathered Grey Beams in the shop (BM116)

Taking Care of the Details

At E&K all of the preparation of the wood needed prior to installation is included as part of our regular service.
  • Kiln Drying
  • Metal Detection
  • Power Washing
  • Trim Ends

Mixed Hardwood Rough Sawn Beams
Marin White Oak Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring