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How to Order Wood From E&K

Reclaimed wood adds a unique and rustic charm to any home and is rapidly growing in popularity. At E&K, we specialize in sourcing only the highest quality reclaimed wood materials. Our friendly staff are always here to help you order your reclaimed wood and get it shipped out to you quickly and safely. Learn more about our products and clients on our home page.

Below you will find the answers to the most common question about how to order wood. If you need more help, always feel free to give us a call at +1 (310) 306-6900 or email us at info@eandkwood.com and a member of our team will be happy to provide further assistance.

Q: How do I find the right reclaimed wood products for my project?

Please utilize the links in our navigation to review the range of products available on our website. Should you not find the reclaimed wood product you are searching for or the required sizes, please reach out to us via our contact form. It is possible that we carry the product, but it is not listed on our website.

For further assistance, kindly refer to these NAAWS siding installation guidelines, NWFA flooring installation guidelines and our board feet calculator.

Q: What do I need to get an estimate?

A: If you know the details of your order we will need the following information which you can specify with our detailed Quote Form. You can also always reach out to our friendly staff who will be more than happy to assist you with your order.

In order to provide a quote, we need the following information:


  1. Size: For each beam, we need the external dimensions (Face Width, Side Height and Length)
  2. Style: Hand Hewn, Rough Sawn, Resawn, Planed, or Weathered Gray
  3. Type: Box or Solid
  4. Quantity: The number of beams you are ordering

Flooring and Siding:

  1. Size: Width, Thickness, Length
  2. Style: Product Name or Species
  3. Type: Siding (Exterior) or Paneling (Interior)
  4. Quantity: Square Feet
  5. Profile: T&G, Shiplap, Straight Edge, Nickel Gap, etc.

Q: I found your site because I have vintage wood that I'm looking to sell. Who do I contact?

A: Please contact our office  about your vintage or reclaimed wood.

Q: Is there a way for me to get samples of the wood that I am considering ordering?

A: We have samples available for the majority of our reclaimed wood products. In certain instances we will need to prepare samples for you. Reach out to our team to obtain samples.

Q: How do I get my order started?

  1. When you receive your quote, please thoroughly review all the details of your order to ensure accuracy. As the ultimate responsible party for the shipment, it is crucial to exercise due diligence in examining the quote the shipment will be based on.
  2. The deposit amount will be listed in the quote.
  3. The quote email will include both wire instructions and a link to pay by credit card to submit the deposit.

Q: When do I pay the final balance?

  1. The final balance is due prior to the material being picked up or shipped.
  2. We recommend all orders are inspected prior to shipment or pickup. If you are not personally picking up your order we can send you photos of your order and are happy to schedule a video call for you to inspect your order prior to shipment. We want to make sure that your order meets your specifications and that it is a perfect fit for your project.

Q: What can I do if I don't see the material I'm looking for?

A: We post a wide selection of our most popular products. We also offer custom solutions. If you don’t see it, ask us. We may have it in stock or be able to produce it for you.

Q: Are there options available that are not listed on your website?

A: Through our network of suppliers, we have access to a wide range of materials. If you have a specific use case, or sizes that are not listed, we can most often find solutions that will work.

Q: I see you're located in Los Angeles, CA. I am placing a large order from out of state, how is shipment/delivery arranged?

A: We work with some of the largest logistics companies and often find solutions where we can share space on delivery trucks. Our team will work with you to arrange the most optimal shipping solution.

Q: I'm also located in LA, can I just drive a truck over to pick up my order?

A: Yes, you can absolutely arrange to pick up your order yourself. If it is a large order you may need to visit our Lumber Yard location in Gardena. You will need to contact the yard to schedule an appointment before picking up.

If you are out of state, you are also free to arrange your own delivery if that best suits your needs.

Q: What is the Lead Time for my order to be delivered/ready for pick up?

A: Our lead-time for custom products varies based on what we have in stock and the details of the project. It can range from 2 weeks to 8-10+ weeks. If you are buying a product that is on our website and we have it in stock, delivery can happen in a matter of days.

If a project is high priority, we may be able to offer rush services. Please contact us to learn more about rush orders.